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Secret behind Hanuman's power

Secret Behind Hanuman's power:

This week we can listen to a story of Lord Rama, remembering his Janmadina on April 12th, Tuesday.
Hanuman the ardent devotee of Lord Rama expounds that all his valorous deeds are possible only because of chanting Rama Nama. He is the one who crossed the ocean with formidable courage and belief. As we pitch in to do any activity, we would be faced with many obstacles. So it is with Hanuman. He faced many obstacles while he crosses the ocean. Soon after he took off from Rameshwaram with a resounding "Jai Seetha Raam", he found a mountain rising up on his path and blocking his way. As he approached nearer, the mountain spoke to him "Namaste Hanuman. I am mountain Mainaka. I know that you are travelling to Lanka in search of Seetha. This ocean being very long of more than 100 Yojanas (an ancient metric), I offer you to have a short stay here and boost up your energy. It is every individual's duty to serve Aditi (Guest) and that too for a Rama messenger, I feel blessed to serve you. Please accept my offer."

Hanuman who started fiercely, did not want to get halted by this offer and want to reach Lanka as early as possible. Hence he replied, "Dhanyawad Mainaka. I am sorry that I cannot abide your offer now as Rama Karya is of utmost important than my rest. However I can just touch you with my hands, and acknowledge your Aditi Seva." Saying this he continued his fierce jump again.

Next came a big snake called Surasa, blocking his way. She yelled at Hanuman saying ,"Oh, Hanuman. I got a boon from Brahma that all beings going by this side has to enter my mouth once and can then cross the place. So now its your turn." Saying so, she opened her big mouth.

Hanuman replied, "Naga Matha, I am going for an important Rama Karya, once it gets completed, I will come and enter into your mouth". But Surasa did not accept that. So Hanuman doubled his size than Surasa, seeing that Surasa grew bigger than him. Hanuman quadrupled his size and again Surasa grew bigger. While Surasa grewing bigger than Hanuman every time, suddenly to Surasa's surprise Hanuman shrink his body to the size of a thumb, entered into Surasa's very big mouth and came out the next moment. Surasa now paved way for Hanuman and appreciated his wise action.

As Hanuman further travelled, he found his speed getting dragged down by some force. After looking around, he found a demoness residing in ocean which attracted his shadow and thus slowed down his speed (This incident proves the existence of Bermuda Triangle). She rose up and blocked the way of Hanuman. Hanuman recognized her enormous strength, so took a small size and entered into her body through her mouth. He then pierced her organs and came out of her stomach, thus tearing her into pieces.

Hanuman after winning over these obstacles multiplied his speed and landed on a mountain in Lanka. While we read this a story, a meticulous observation will provide insight on how we have to handle obstacles.

1. Hanuman faced hospitality which indeed is a hindrance (not an obstacle) to his Rama Karya through Mainaka. He won that with his persistence character.

2. He has to abide by Brahma's boon of Surasa, and at the same time should not get trapped. He won that obstacle by his wise action.

3. Recognizing Simhika as a powerful demoness, he won her by his valour and strength.

And, at the end, he attributes his prowess to the Rama Nama that he chants.

Similarly we all will face many difficulties and obstacles when we take up some efforts. As Hanuman displayed, it is important to win over each obstacle either by our character, wisdom or strength and we can get the power by chanting Rama Nama.

As Meera Bai sings in this song, there is no other valuable other than Rama Nama. - By Dr. Lata Mangeshkar

paayoji mainne ram ratan dhan paayo - 2

Vastu amolik dil mera sataguru - 2
kripaa kari apnaavo (payo ji maine)

janam janam ki punji paal - 2
jag mein sakhovaayo (payo ji maine)

kharcha na koi chor na lutai - 2
din din badhat savayo (payo ji maine)

sat ki naav khevatiya satguru - 2
bhavsagar taravayo (payo ji maine)

meera ke prabhu giridhar nagar - 2
harash harash jas gaayo (payo ji maine)

Story: Taken from Sundara Kandam of Ramayana
Lyrics Courtesy:

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